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ALAN WHITEHEAD has enjoyed a career in Steiner Education for over four decades. He received his teacher-education at GLENAEON SCHOOL under the tutelage of Miss Sylvia Brose. There he was privileged, in 1967, to be one of the founding teachers of Australia's first Steiner High School, where he was a Class Guardian and Specialist Art Teacher.
He was also a principal founder, and pioneer teacher (of both the Primary and High Schools) of Australia's second Steiner school, LORIEN NOVALIS, in Dural, Sydney. He was Chairman of the school from its 1971 inception, until he left in 1985.
As well, he founded and was the Director of the first full-time Steiner teacher-training facility in Australia, the LORIEN NOVALIS COLLEGE OF TEACHER EDUCATION.
He was also the convenor of RUDOLF STEINER SCHOOLS OF AUSTRALIA - AN ASSOCIATION, the first and  still current national body of Steiner Education, framing the initial policies and principles.
Alan Whitehead now works, with his wife Susan, as an author, social commentator and consultant on Spiritual Science in general, and Rudolf Steiner Education in particular.

SUSAN WHITEHEAD has over four decades experience in the luminous world of small children. As well as having a husband and two children, she entered the world of teaching and training at DALCROSS/GLENAEON STEINER SCHOOL at Pymble in 1968. In 1971 she was a co-founder of LORIEN NOVALIS SCHOOL in Dural, Sydney.
She was a director of the school for nearly fifteen years and held other positions, including Primary Co-ordinator. Susan established  the Children's Garden (Kindergarten) at Lorien Novalis. In this homely environment she pioneered the creation of original songs, stories and poems for her Under-7s, telling tales relevant to Australia and The Spirit of the Times.
As such, she assisted in the creation of the LORIEN NOVALIS TEACHER EDUCATION program, establishing courses for Story Content (their telling and creation), Kindergarten, and Child Development. She was also the convenor of the school's Adult Evening Courses.
Always her love of the arts went alongside her day-to-day tasks, and she was particularly active in painting, speech, and especially the Art of Life Movement (Eurythmy), all of which she considers a necessity to enhance her work with small children, and as an essential element in the student teacher program. From 1986 she has carried forward the creative impulse in teacher education and parental imaginative care for the Under-7s.
All this she is presently engaged in, as well as writing, consulting and conducting courses in The Art Of Life Movement.

Alan and Susan Whitehead are members of the Anthroposophical Society.
"If Anthroposophy is to exist today, it must use the means available to our contemporary culture. It must find its way to people through books and lectures."
Rudolf Steiner 1925, Letters To Members